Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blue State(2007)

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The summary for this movie sounded promising. Immediately following the two consecutive Bush elections there was, indeed-- if the media is to be believed-- somewhat of an exodus of Democrats heading north. Whether these "disgruntled Democrats" were political activists, or just scared, is beside the point. It's a story that I think begged to be told.

I'm an American citizen who has lived in Canada many years. I would advise the writer/director, if he is to succeed in any way, shape or form, in depicting characters beyond his borders, that he do some research. If he had used such shameless stereotypes in portraying Indian or Chinese citizens he would have been a laughing stock, if not blacklisted. I thought "Knocked Up" set the bar in that regard in the last couple of years, but Blue State wins the award. I've never seen so many ridiculous stereotypes utilized in the space of nearly two painful hours. This movie didn't just stumble into the indignity, it took every opportunity to embrace it. For what? To make their American characters look good and reasoned and noble? As an American, I was thoroughly embarrassed.

This movie was outright offensive to Canadians and informed Americans; in particular, *real* political activists who wouldn't have succumbed to a pretty face, but may have had a more serious agenda in mind. I would have liked to see a much more thoughtful exploration of the lead characters, living at a time of great political conflict, in a more realistic setting, not this backwards gong show disguised as a politically aware love story. To be perfectly frank, this movie is a perfect example of why Americans have such a hard time endearing themselves to people outside their borders. It is self-serving, ill-informed, arrogant crap. It may have tried to depict the characters returning home as a result of their own political/emotional conflicts, but it ended up looking like a narrow escape from a life in the circus, i.e. Canada.

The writer/director completely missed the mark, here. And may have offended a few million people in the process. Not that a few million would have even bothered to see this movie. I certainly hope not.

IMDB Rating 6.1/10

Sourav  Bhattacharya

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