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Couples Retreat(2009)

Couples Retreat(2009)

IMDB Review by Kristine( from Chicago

After seeing the trailer for Couples Retreat, I wanted to see this movie, I had to see this movie, I also promised Vince Vaughn I would, lol. I met him at a Blackhawk's game a couple weeks prior to seeing this movie and I told him I was excited to see it and he said "you promise to see it?", gotta give the man credit for plugging in the movie into our conversation, lol. But even with that, I still wanted to see this movie, it did look honestly funny, but I didn't get to see it until the Monday after it opened originally. I was hearing some bad or okay reviews which disappointed me. But in my opinion, it doesn't matter, it's what you think of the movie, so I still saw it. While the movie wasn't bad, it definitely is something that is forgettable. It just became a typical romantic comedy at the end that really disappointed me. I'll explain why it's a disappointment in a moment.

After several failed attempts to conceive, Jason and Cynthia are close to getting a divorce. In an effort to save their marriage they book a vacation to a couples therapy retreat, called Eden. To save money they encourage their friends to join them, and claim that their friends can enjoy the party activities and not take part in the therapy. Their friends, Dave and Ronnie, Joey and Lucy, and recently divorced Shane and his girlfriend Trudy agree. Upon their arrival at Eden, they are sent to the couples resort on the west side of the island, and forbidden from traveling to East Eden, which hosts a singles resort. During their first night, resort host Sctanley informs all four couples that they must all engage in the couples therapy or leave the resort. At their first therapy session, all four couples learn they have problems with their relationships. They endure the resort owner Marcel's unusual methods, including swimming with sharks, naked bonding time, and yoga sessions with amorous instructor.

Couples Retreat is worth the watch for a rental when you're looking for a movie night. Because there are a few good laughs herd an there. I was just bummed on how they handled the jokes. Like the shark bite joke, the couples go scuba diving and happened to get a company of sharks, one MAY of took a baby bite out of Vince Vaughn. Now it's funny how he reacts to it, just making it seem like he just got attacked by Jaws. But they carry on the joke for 10 minutes and makes the scene very uncomfortable and instead you just feel like one of the characters who are ready to scream at him "ok, get over it!". Also the ending was so predictable and a little too coincidental. One of the guy's ex's just happens to be there because she heard he was going there and wanted to get back together. Of course magically all the couples rekindle their old flames for each other and are happy. Like I said, it's worth the rental, but as for a movie theater experience, you can wait. Sorry Vince, guess I'll have to wait until the next film to see if you still got that comedic gold.

IMDB Rating 5.5/10

Sourav Bhattacharya

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