Thursday, September 16, 2010

Horror Or Comedy!

The Descent(2005)


IMDB Rating 7.4/10

Ok I have huge respect for IMDB users,they seem to know lot about great movies than I do.So recently I have heard about The Descent from one of my friend and checked it on IMDB,due to it's huge rating I have decided to see it when I get a chance.
After seeing the movie it was difficult for me to decide whether this is horror or comedy,seriously after first 20 minutes is there any moment of horror at all,this movie started with potential but eventually it sadly turned out to be sorority girl's zombie beating nightout.

The thing that seriously bugged me is why the girls(ok they are supposed to be tougher than me and can kick my ass any day they want)suddenly turned into Bruce Lee and started kicking zombie assess.At that point if seen carefully they were jusy having fun like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill,not that anything wrong with it but in a horror movie it just seems too bad for it to be a horror.From hand to hand combat to ripping their head off with a piece of bone the mighty girls seem just too much for the helpless zombies.It is funny to say it but at some point I was feeling really worried for the zombies generation,the mighty girls clearly seem to end the zombies and I was screaming "save some for part 2" etc etc,

From the character development to creating tension,from acting to gore this movie seemed just below mediocre,sorry die hard fans I have to say it in your face.
I love British movies(believe me I hate my own Indi movies,there are some exceptions but sincerely I hate them,I hate them,I hate them)cause they seem so so realistic,so original,so sarcastic and so intelligent,so I guess this is just a slap in their face.
Well one positive thing holly(Nora-Jane Noone)looked freakishly hot.
Any Comment welcome.

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