Friday, September 17, 2010

Seriously Disappointed


Inception is seriously complex and to be very truthful it's beyond my ability to criticise it point by point,I went to see the movie with so much hopes and expectations and just waiting to proudly declare to everyone I know ,that ok you know what I have just seen the single greatest movie ever.

However Inception started with great promise I have never experienced before,people are modifying the dreams to alter the reality,oh my god,can any concept be any more intriguing or more interesting than that,the first 15 to 20 minutes I was really on my nerves so that I don't miss any action,any expression,any twist because it would be just too much loss for me.

However I guess it is my bad luck whenever I went to see a movie with just too much expectation it kind of disappoints me,and so did inception.

It seriously bugged me that too much explanation is going on to describe each scene each action and it's possible consequences,movies like this usually bank on the viewer's imaginations and this seriously help with building the tension gradually,this movie didn't give the viewers that kind of space at all.

The pace of this movie did not do justice to it at all.In a suspense building movie silence is used as a master weapon in so many thrilling situations and it is a proven fact.The pace of inception is quiet fast and most magical moments of this movie just slips in front of us without ever making us feel the gravity of it.Now I know you will call me dumb etc etc but it's not about that cause I understood if not all then most of the movie.Situations of serious importance just flew so quickly it totally lost it's charm.

The way to design the script seemed severely flawed too.First explanation then execution style didn't go well,I have seen people are relaxed in the ending or in the middle part mostly because we already know what is going to happen.

The visual boom boom(I am at lost of words here as I don't know how I will express all the visual magic in words)is seriously mind blowing,but what a pathetic choosing of time to execute them,it's like leo and ellen are just hoping around and leo just showing her like hey look at that,hey look at this and ellen with her expressionless face replying ok,whatever(seriously this juno attitude didn't work here at all,does ellen realise what a chance she missed anyway).The chasing scene,ending or near ending scenes desperately needed those,I guess particularly this is a classic example of bad filmmaking.

The acting,I guess we all know leo just too much,we have seen what a brilliant actor he is,Shutter Island,Revolutionary Road,The Departed,Catch Me If You Can,Titanic,The Basketball Diaries,The Beach,he has been giving us so very much,at some point it's kind of disturbing to say it about my favorite actor, that it's not that there are not much fuel left in his tank but we already know what you have and it's horrible for a great actor,every expression of him is actually performed somewhere and we have seen it so may be it's time for Mr. Decaprio to take a break and come with something really unconventional.Ellen Page did her career worst in this movie,I became a serious fan of her after the majestic Hard Candy and Juno experience but she just made a bad choice here.

However Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the breath of fresh air here.

The plot is ingenious but performed with absolute mediocrity. For example whenever they are in danger all they had to do is just lay down and enter in someone's dream and eventually find a way out,this approach actually never let us feel the vulnerability of them at all and there goes character development.

Throughout the movie I was hoping for a miracle like ok at the end it will turn good when leo will turn bad or something really unexpected would happen.What I got is a slap in the face when inception turned into matrix.


Sourav Bhattacharya

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