Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Messenger(2009)

The Messenger(2009)

Imdb Rating 7.4/10

I have seen The Messenger quite some time ago.Still not able to forget it.

The bloody gory creepy present we live in,it's just so easy to connect to this movie as well as the characters even though this movie's beautiful approach of trying not to tell us any message.

I have seen really horrific violent war movies and live in a country surrounded by death and violence cirtainly got blown over by this movie.This movie treats the whole situation so differntly,it tells the story from the army perspective,not exactly what those men go through,rather the after effect they have when they come back to their normal lives or does they come back as the same person as they were before.The extreme violence they engaged
themselves or they observe maintaining a distance just makes them a whole changed person.Nothing is same to them any more.The big words such as patriotism,nationalism drives them,they got inspired or just take as their job,but at the end the question always stands strong,is it worth it.

This movie treats this question which is getting more and more relevant now a days very elegantly,nothing here is said or done here will actually make you feel like a message is being sent to your brain,still the aim stands so strong in spite of the extreme subtlety.The long silence,the reactions of the bereaved families of soldiers when the death news appears,the helplessness of the messengers,their vulnerability when the reactions of the bereaved families got extreme after getting the news of the deaths,their own inability to cope with the normal lifestyle and last but not least the sobbing of woody harrelson at the end,that eerie pitched harsh crying tone for no apparent reason will definitely reach your soul.

Now I know die hard war movie fans or cgi fanatics will get disappointed as there is no actual war scene in this movie,it's about the after effect and believe me it can be more dangerous than the war itself,one fine morning you can find yourself completely lost among death and violence without any nationality.Sounds dramatic,check the history,it happened so many times including my country India.

To me this outstanding movie stands tall among all the great anti-war movies,I have just never been moved compared to this.

Any comment welcome.

Sourav Bhattacharya

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