Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pure Poetry


IMDB Rating  7.3/10

You can describe a earthly thing,but can you describe poetry,yes it's man made too,still goes way too beyond sometimes a man's ability to appreciate.The question is you need to excel yourself too such level to describe it or appreciate it,such strong feeling I felt while watching Cache.

The movie starts with a tape running,just recording everything in front of the main character's house,is it supposed to say anything like what if everything we do is being recorded somewhere,even the guilt we think of not much importance before can be so serious or disturbing to us.Well it said nothing still said too many things.What a brilliant apprach.

Georges seemed disturbed by it,but was he disturbed about only the tapes or may be it is the hidden guilty subconscious which was kept hidden so many years.This movie like a true masterpiece let the users to have their space for imagination in so many ways,hat's off too Michael Haneke(after all he studied psycology).

There were some shocking moments but overall this movie banks on silence and it's slow motion which I believe the proven master weapons for any great director.The small incidents which seem of little importance sometimes triggers the tension building process gradually and let the users think no that's not it there are something yet to be discovered,again a true masterpiece.

The ending is possibly one of the greatest ending I have seen so far,remember majid's son asked that he wants to know how georges get to sleep at night and at the end georges was making the sleeping arrangements slowly with such a sleekness like making the room dark and making the room as comfortable as he can.How simple irony yet how powerful.

I am out of words,need some help,anyone listening.

Sourav Bhattacharya

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