Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Rec] 2 (2009):A Huge Disappointment

IMDB Rating 6.7/10

Review by charliemanson999 from United Kingdom

First of all I really enjoyed the first REC film. It had an original, realistic and creepy feel to it. The characters were well built and developed, funny at times, and interesting story lines were built around the main frame of the film. The sequence of events was intriguing from the very start, as to see the gradual escalation of events in a zombie film was untouched ground, as "zombie"-esque movies tend to start straight in with survivors trying to stay alive in a fully-fledged infection. Everything was well done, the ending particularly ambiguous and creepy, and I found the unfinished story lines, the unnerving "is this actually religious or just crazy experimentation gone wrong?" ending, the way everything built on a gradual crescendo to the nail-biting finale kept me thinking about the film for days.

REC2 takes away all of the impact of the first film. They feel the need to explain. everything. There is no nail-biting crescendo which puts you firmly in the shoes of the actual victims, there is no development of characters or interesting sub-story lines. There is just one bad bad movie spin-off from the game Doom.

The dull predictable attack-scenes, which seemed to follow exactly the same formula (some shadowy figures appears, charges the camera) each time, the slightly ridiculous decision to go down the purely "exorcist"-esque route, the lack of a more-detailed plot just kills everything that could and should have been good about this film.

The ending "shock" is horrifically predictable (yeah it's really believable that the former lead just got away from the infected girl who so easily dragged her into darkness at the end of REC), and with the ending meaning the "demon" successfully got out of the building it's difficult to see what direction the film can go in without it being completely different from the first two. Presumably something to do with the two kids who appeared to survive having been locked in the room by SWAT.

A sorry excuse for what could have been an excellent franchise. DO NOT WATCH.

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