Saturday, August 21, 2010

Implementing RIS in server 2000 based domain

The primary services works behind the RIS process are

BINL service(boot service) responsible for letting the pxe clients connect to the ris server

TFTPD Service,tftp service daemon which is responsible for copying the files of the os form the ris server to the pxe client

SIS Service,single instance store service which is responsible for making the process efficient by not copying the data multiple time if it exists already

I have one DC running server 2000 and a client.Here I have set up ris ,the basic configurations are given in those videos.

After that you have to install DHCP and RIS on the server and then create a scope,activate the scope,authorise the DHCP server in the domain and need to check out if DHCP is working properly.

Then follow this video to configure ris.

Now this is the video on the client side.

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