Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some useful excel tips

tab for horizontal moving

enter for vertical moving

shift + tab for  backing horizontally

shift + enter for backing vertically

ctrl + home to go to A1

home to reach the first row of the selected column

to navigate vertically faster

press the page down key

to go up faster

press the page up key

to navigate horizontally faster

alt+shift+page down

to go back

alt+shift+page up

to change or delete the content of a cell you need to select the cell and start typing

to use the clipboard click the x sign of the clipboard bar at the left upper corner

now you can have multiple values in your clipboard as

click and highlight any cell and click the copy button in the clipboard area,the value of the cell will be copied in the clipboard,now if you select any cell and clik one of the stored value in the clipboard the value will be put on the selected cell



to select adjacent group of cells

ctrl+shift+down arrow for vertical group of cells until it encounters an empty cell

ctrl+shift+right arrow for horizontal group of cells until it encounters an empty cell

to select non adjacent cells use ctrl + left click

current region=adjacent cells those have data

to select current region ctrl+shift+space

to select the entire worksheet

ctrl +a or the triangle sign at the right corner

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