Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some useful commands and compression utilities on Debian 5

seq 500 > 500.txt

gzip -c 500.txt > 500.txt.gz 

to read this binary zip format(gz files)

zcat 500.txt.gz

to read the output per page basis

zcat 500.txt.gz | less

gzip -l option give the content and stat of the file

example gzip -l 600.txt.gz

similar utility Bzip2

bzip2 -c 600.txt > 600.txt.bz2 

bunzip2 600.txt.bz2

bunzip2 -f 600.txt.bz2(this will overrite the file 600.txt(if present in the 

current directory))

bzcat filename.bz2 will show us the content

for example

bzcat filename.bz2 > content.txt

using zip utility in debian 5.

zip a.txt

(first the destination and then the source file name)

zip *txt will zip all the txt files in the curre


unzip -l to list the contents of the zip file

zcat will also show the content of the zip file


unzip -l will show you file by file and zcat will show the contents of the 

file in the zip archive,but zcat will only show the content of the first file 

in the zip archive

so basically zcat works on both zip and gzip

tar utility make a tar archive of files

tar -cvf alltxt.tar *.txt

will create an archive full of all the txt files in the current directory

tar -xvf alltxt.tar will extract those files

tar -tvf alltxt.tar will show the contentof the tar file

du -ch shows the size acclaimed by the all the files in the current directory

to extract a particular file from the tar archive

tar -xvf alltxttar.tar 20.txt

to extract 2 particular file 

tar -xvf alltxttar.tar 20.txt 100.txt

(20.txt is one of the file the alltxt.tar archive)

creating a tar.gz archive

tar -czvf text.tar.gz *.txt

will create an archive named text.tar.gz containing all the text files

the argument has to be czvf,any other combination such as cvzf or cvfz won't 


when extracting the z option should be added like 

tar -xvf text.tar.gz

tar -xzvf text.tar.gz

creating tar.bz2 archive named newtest.tar.bz2 containing 


tar -cjvf newtext.tar.bz2 60* 70* 180*

to extract an tar.bz2 archive 

tar -xvf newtext.tar.bz2

tar -xjvf newtext.tar.bz2

to see the content of an tar.bz2 archive

tar -tvf newtext.tar.bz2

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