Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vsftp error “500 OOPS: cannot change directory:/some/directory solved

yum install vsftpd

then start it by 

service vsftpd start

verify it's opened port(whether it's 21) by

netstat -tulpn | grep :21

go to system-> administration-> firewall and check the ftp

the firewall will be started and it will open the 21 port

Now the famous error "Vsftp error “500 OOPS: cannot change directory:/some/directory"

you can not log in with any local user

to solve it

[root@sun02 vsftpd]# getenforce


[root@sun02 vsftpd]# getsebool -a | grep ftp

allow_ftpd_anon_write –> off
allow_ftpd_full_access –> off
allow_ftpd_use_cifs –> off
allow_ftpd_use_nfs –> off
allow_tftp_anon_write –> off
ftp_home_dir –> on (change that to on in ur case this option is off)
ftpd_disable_trans –> off
ftpd_is_daemon –> on
httpd_enable_ftp_server –> off
tftpd_disable_trans –> off

[root@sun02 vsftpd]# setsebool -P ftp_home_dir on

setsebool command may not be found,it is in the /usr/sbin folder,create a softlink to /usr/bin

and you are done,restart vsftpd,the last command took a little time,that's all


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