Sunday, March 31, 2013

Learning unix basics on OpenSolaris 2009 part2

You can also use Ctrl +R to search (backward) through the history.

You can capture the output from a c ommand in a n e nv ironment variable using back-ticks:
$ TIME =`date`

$ echo $TIME

Sun Mar 31 21:56:03 IST 2013

As on most UNIX-like systems, each user on OpenSolaris has a home directory. Your home
directory path is stored in the HOME environment variable. You can also use the tilde character
(~) to navigate to your home directory or to another user’s home directory. The tilde alone
implies the current user’s home directory. The following code shows how to navigate to home

$ cd ~
$ pwd
$ cd ~sougata
$ pwd

This example also demonstrates that the pwd command shows your current working directory.

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