Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bypass Administrator Password/Create another Administrator account on Win7/Win8

This is really simple,first create a folder and put a text file and encrypt it,then reboot your computer.

The boot your pc with any live cd/recovery console of windows xp/2000 will also work,go to windows/system32 and then rename osk.exe to osk.exe.old and rename cmd.exe to osk.exe.

Reboot your computer,start on screen keyboard before trying to login,the command prompt will come up,whoami will show you are the system account.

Now type 
net user username password 

This will change your password and you can login,however you won't be able to access the encrypted files,you need to reset your password to the previous one for that,do that and log out and login and encrypted files should open.

However to add another account with administrator credential the command is

net user newuser password /add

to make this user a member of administrators group

net localgroup administrators newuser /add

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