Thursday, December 18, 2014

"The package "leakview" is installed, but no valid package file (.lpk) was found" error solved when installing lazarus on Ubuntu 14.04

Create a file in /usr/lib/lazarus/1.0.10/packager/globallinks named leakview.lpk.

 Write these lines on that file..

(less then)?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?(greater than)
(less then)CONFIG(greater than)
  (less then)Package Version="4"(greater than)
    (less then)PathDelim Value="\"/(greater than)
    (less then)Name Value="leakview"/(greater than)
    (less then)AddToProjectUsesSection Value="True"/(greater than)
    (less then)Author Value="Dmitry 'skalogryz' Boyarintsev"/(greater than)
    (less then)CompilerOptions(greater than)
      (less then)Version Value="12"/(greater than)
      (less then)PathDelim Value="\"/(greater than)
      (less then)SearchPaths(greater than)
        (less then)UnitOutputDirectory Value="lib\$(TargetCPU)-$(TargetOS)\$(LCLWidgetType)"/(greater than)
      (less then)/SearchPaths(greater than)
      (less then)Parsing(greater than)
        (less then)SyntaxOptions(greater than)
          (less then)CStyleOperator Value="False"/(greater than)
          (less then)UseAnsiStrings Value="False"/(greater than)
        (less then)/SyntaxOptions(greater than)
      (less then)/Parsing(greater than)
      (less then)Linking(greater than)
        (less then)Debugging(greater than)
          (less then)GenerateDebugInfo Value="False"/(greater than)
          (less then)UseLineInfoUnit Value="False"/(greater than)
        (less then)/Debugging(greater than)
      (less then)/Linking(greater than)
      (less then)Other(greater than)
        (less then)CompilerPath Value="$(CompPath)"/(greater than)
      (less then)/Other(greater than)
    (less then)/CompilerOptions(greater than)
    (less then)Description Value="Leak View. allows fast navigation trough HeapTrc (and other?) leaks."/(greater than)
    (less then)Version Major="1"/(greater than)
    (less then)Files Count="4"(greater than)
      (less then)Item1(greater than)
        (less then)Filename Value="heaptrcview.lfm"/(greater than)
        (less then)Type Value="LFM"/(greater than)
      (less then)/Item1(greater than)
      (less then)Item2(greater than)
        (less then)Filename Value="heaptrcview.pas"/(greater than)
        (less then)HasRegisterProc Value="True"/(greater than)
        (less then)UnitName Value="HeapTrcView"/(greater than)
      (less then)/Item2(greater than)
      (less then)Item3(greater than)
        (less then)Filename Value="leakinfo.pas"/(greater than)
        (less then)UnitName Value="leakinfo"/(greater than)
      (less then)/Item3(greater than)
      (less then)Item4(greater than)
        (less then)Filename Value="dbginforeader.pas"/(greater than)
        (less then)UnitName Value="DbgInfoReader"/(greater than)
      (less then)/Item4(greater than)
    (less then)/Files(greater than)
    (less then)i18n(greater than)
      (less then)EnableI18N Value="True"/(greater than)
      (less then)OutDir Value="languages"/(greater than)
    (less then)/i18n(greater than)
    (less then)Type Value="RunAndDesignTime"/(greater than)
    (less then)RequiredPkgs Count="2"(greater than)
      (less then)Item1(greater than)
        (less then)PackageName Value="CodeTools"/(greater than)
      (less then)/Item1(greater than)
      (less then)Item2(greater than)
        (less then)PackageName Value="IDEIntf"/(greater than)
      (less then)/Item2(greater than)
    (less then)/RequiredPkgs(greater than)
    (less then)UsageOptions(greater than)
      (less then)UnitPath Value="$(PkgOutDir)\"/(greater than)
    (less then)/UsageOptions(greater than)
    (less then)PublishOptions(greater than)
      (less then)Version Value="2"/(greater than)
      (less then)IgnoreBinaries Value="False"/(greater than)
    (less then)/PublishOptions(greater than)
  (less then)/Package(greater than)
(less then)/CONFIG(greater than)

The xml file is modified ,The "<" symbol replaced by less then and ">" is replaced by greater than

However the xml file is at

Then go the /usr/lib/lazarus/1.0.10/packager/globallinks directory and chek if there is a file called,open the file in nano and see if this line is there


restart lazarus and you are done


Sourav Bhattacharya

Linux Faculty/Enthusiast for 7 years


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