Thursday, February 26, 2015

install and configure Xymon to monitor Slackware part 2

cd /home/xymon/server/etc
nano bb-hosts
write  #XP
save and exit
su xymon
/home/xymon/server/ stop
/home/xymon/server/ start
go to
and you should see the entry
install bbwin on windows xp client
select full features to be installed
run regedit
hkey local machine-software-BBWin
on the right side pane
right click on hostname and click modify
paste under value data
c:\Program Files\BBWin\etc\BBWin.cfg in notepad
make the first line look like this

where is the ip of the xymon server

go to services.msc
start the Big brother xymon client and make the service automatic at startup if it is manual
Now on windows xp run-firewall.cpl
advanced ,local area connection ,settings
on the icmp tab
click on the allow incoming echo request
Now on the xymon server

/home/xymon/server/ stop
/home/xymon/server/ start
Now go to
go to
you should see more information about
Now on the xymon server
cd /home/xymon/server/etc

make the end look like this
page linux Linux
group-compress (less than sign)font size="+1"("greater than sign")Linux("less than sign")/font"("greater than sign")   slackwarepc      # bbd http://slackwarepc/
page workstation Workstation
group-compress (<)font size="+1"(>)Workstation(<)/font(>)    MyPC             #Win8  #XP

save and exit
/home/xymon/server/ stop
/home/xymon/server/ start
go to
you should see the two divisions named Linux and Workstaions

Sourav Bhattacharya
(Slackware Lover)


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