Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 Things I hate about Vista

Microsoft have recently announced its new OS, the highly we’ve-been-waiting-for Vista. While it looks splendid and very Web 2.0-ish, it is another money-sucking phenomenon from the Bill Gates empire. Through certain ‘behind the curtains’ deals with vendors and dealers Microsoft will soon make billions of bucks on selling the castrated Vista Home Basic. Below are five reasons I think Windows Vista should be hated for and I believe you’ll share ‘em!

Vista Hate Reason One – No Break-Through. While Microsoft pretends Vista is the absolutely new and next generation product, that’s bullshit. Nothing has changed on macro level. It is still Windows, and traditionally it takes loads of time to get used to all the ‘innovations’ the Gates-empire eggheads have implemented into their latest offspring.

Vista Hate Reason Two – ResourceZilla. When I first read about the true requirements for Vista working fine I could hardly keep my mouth shut. Ok-ok, those who’ll use the highly-limited Home Basic version will do with 800MHz or faster processor, more than 512MB of RAM, at least 15GB of available hard drive space, an 800 x 600 SVGA monitor, and a CD-ROM drive. But those who are lucky enough to purchase Home Premium, Business or Ultimate edition… guys, please keep your purse open, you’ll need a serious PC. The more powerful – the better.

Vista Hate Reason Three – Get Less. Most of the vendors will sell their PCs with Vista by installing the cheapest Home Basic edition. It’s understandable – they want to save money and charging another $40 for a better version will keep their customers away. People who buy PCs with the Home Basic Vista think they get the latest piece of art from Microsoft. But they get the version where hundreds of features are simply disabled. Upgrading BTW costs a lot and not recommended.

Vista Hate Reason Four – How Much?! The prices seem to be the absolute nonsence. This nonsence is tragic however, because millions of customers are bound to pay for Vista while purchasing a new PC. Many of them will be dissapointed to find out they can’t enjoy the whole potential of the new OS (not much enjoyable there, he-he) and will want to upgrade. Read above – Microsoft’s idiotic policy considering upgrades is already a legend.

Vista Hate Reason Five – It’s Microsoft. For many this one reason is enough to hate Vista. Microsoft is the undoubted leader of the software industry, but one can talk hours about all the bugs and glitches all Microsoft products have. Vista is no exception. Microsoft will publish service packs (what a great reason for advertising, PR and extra money for the upgraders), downloadable patches etc. That’s marketing and pire business.

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