Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I hate communism

I hate communism. I hate it for many reasons. First and foremost, I hate any form of government that involves huge emphasis on authority figures. Why should we all be treated like little children by the government? We should be able to make our own decisions and have freedom of speech amongst other civil rights.

Second, I hate the way that communism essentially penalizes the honest, moral hard-working people who work really hard, just to make the same pay as the slackers and end up picking up the slack for the majority of the group that are slackers. The equal pay and guaranteed social “benefits” encourages lazy people to not work as hard, or to not work at all. That is not fair to the people who work really hard.

I also hate communism because the government runs everything, which does not allow for competition. Thankfully my country of the USA is not communist, but some of the changes occurring as a result of the Bush administration reek of slight comminism and I hate that!

For example, the government telling small bar businesses that they are not allowed to let us smoke in their bars; or the state government of Massachusetts mandating that all people MUST obtain health insurance, essentially forcing the people who do not receive employee health benefits to dish out money for an individual plan. I hate any kind of strong authoritative government! Let us be! US free and democratic!

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