Friday, February 26, 2010

College Raod Trip : Review

Review By : Amiya Ranjan Chakraborty


First of all I am a huge huge fan of Raven Symone, and I loved her Disney channel serial "THAT'S SO RAVEN" and her previous two big hit movies CHEETAH GIRLS 1 and 2.

This movie is about an overachieving seventeen year old girl named Melanie Porter. She plans a girls only road trip- but then her overprotective father insists on joining her so that he can make sure she goes to the close-to-home college, Northwestern. Of course, that follows with hilarious adventures.

Though this movie got very low rating on IMDB, I personally think it's a very funny and entertaining movie. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be but it was funny enough for me. It may not be a great movie but definitely not as horrible as it has been rated on IMDB. Martin Lawrence is also one of my favourite actor and he has done a great job in this movie. This movie contain clean humour and doesn't look to sex and vulgarity like other comedy movies usually have, which makes it a good family movie.

And for IMDB critics those who have rated this movie low seriously meet your psychiatrist. Because either you a problem with your humor gene or u are mentally sick.


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