Friday, February 5, 2010

Trying out lal tupi(red hat)

Ok, I am a serious Microsoft hater,i have been working as a network administrator and a system engineer and bugged by several security flaws of microsoft's popular operating systems.Recently I have been hearing about Linux and it's non penetrable security and all the other features and moreover being completely free, to be very honest I have tried out linux before and couldn't do much about it as I was a complete novice .Throughout the last couple of months I have been tinkering with linux with all my enthusiasm and learned some stuff.I want to share those in my blog,hope you will find them useful.

I have tried to use new popular linux os like ubuntu,fedora,suse as well as old version of red hat like red hat9 and red hat7.2,the word red hat is interesting enough as the bengali version is "lal tupi",so I finally learned to use tupi(tao abar lal)in the right place at the right time,kudos to our west bengal government,more on later..............

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