Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Active directory support tools

Played with active directory support tools in the same configuration mentioned in the previous posts ,hope that is useful to you

The tools mentioned here are

active directory replication monitor(graphical)

repadmin (command line) with switches such as

repadmin /showreps dc1
repadmin /showconn dc1
repadmin /syncall dc1 dc=sourav,dc=com

dsastat(command line) with full syntax such as

dsastat /s:dc1;dc2;dc3 /b:"cn=domain controllers,dc=sourac,dc=com"

dcdiag(command line) with full syntax with redirecting it's output to a text file such as

dcdiag /s:dc1 > c:/a.txt

active directory sizer (command line)

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Sourav Bhattacharya

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