Friday, April 9, 2010

Shawn Michaels retired,Now I have no reason to watch wwe

The greatest superstar in wrestling history

Its been said by many (including myself) that Shawn Michaels aka The Heartbreak Kid is the greatest superstar of all time for many different reasons. Being a wrestler requires many talents of which two are a must. They must be incredibly athletic and they must be creative with their skits (the build up of the match).

Wrestlers obviously need to be very athletic to perform the job in the ring. However, most people overlook the fact that there skits are equally important. The skits building up their matches are the selling point of wrestling's pay per views.

Most wrestling superstars usually stand out when they are talented at at-least one of these areas. A few such as The Rock, and Triple H have had very successful careers as wrestlers with talents in both of these areas.

Before the success of The Rock, and Triple H and before the popularity that wrestling has today, HBK was a complete stand out in these areas. He was (and still is) one of the most athletic superstars to ever step in the ring. Bringing a number of moves such as the moonsault (back flip from the top rope) to the business. He also revolutionized a number of matches such as the ladder match, which usually involves a championship belt being hung just in reach from a ladder and the wrestler that climbs the ladder to gain position of the championship first being named the winner.

A wrestler almost always performs as either a heel or a baby face, heel being the "bad guy" and baby face being the 'good guy'. Many fans actually overlook the fact that the guy they absolutely hate (the heel) is actually getting paid to make you hate him. He may cheat, talk badly about the fans, lie etc. The point of all of this is that they want you to hate him so much that you will pay to see him get his but kicked. Shawn Michaels is one of the few in the business to be a major success at both of these rolls. Along with Triple H, he formed the stable degeneration x (dx) as heels which later became one of the most popular stables in the history of the business.

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