Thursday, September 2, 2010

Backup and Restore of Active Directory and using Command Line in Authoritative Restore

In a windows 2000 server working as a dc I have created an OU named Kolkata under my domain and an Ou named sales under kolkata and created an user named rabin deb under sales.Then I have taken the backup of active directory.

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Then I have deleted the user rabin deb and tried to restore it by restoring active directory logging in active directory restore mode.However by performing non-authoritative restore(the general restore process)here I am able to get back the user rabin deb but in most cases in dc adc environment we are not supposed to.The reason is after performing non-authoritative restore although windows 2000 server is able to get back the data(here the user rabin deb) but a restart is needed to log in to the normal os mode and then after performing multimaster replication with other adc the server is being informed that the usn(update sequence number) of the user rabin deb is old than that of present in the adc and thus replace it with new information and delete the user.So what we have to do is perform an authoritative restore in the active directory restore mode where some command line operations are needed to do it so that we can get back the data(the user rabin deb)when we reboot the server in mormal mode.

The whole process is given below

Part 2

Part 3

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