Friday, September 24, 2010

BlixOS: A Platform Independent Operating System created by Indian child prodigies

Suyash Srijan is a Class IX student at the Khaitan Public School in Noida. At the tender age of 14, he, along with his friend Kshitij Kumar, has created an operating system that's turning heads the world over. What makes this operating system stand out is that it is hardware-independent and is capable of booting within 12 seconds. Additionally, it runs Windows-based programs with 90 percent compatibility.

There’s little doubt that the finest feature of the operating system, called BlixOS, is its hardware independence. This makes it capable of offering the same performance on every computer. “It will offer the same performance on every computer, irrespective of the hardware. It uses up very less main memory (100-120 MB) and occupies little space on your hard drive (600-640 MB).”

Suyash understands that the operating system’s speed is a general concern for most users. He says, “The performance of BlixOS is shocking. Copying a 1 GB file from one drive to another takes 40 seconds even if it is to be done using not-so-capable hard drives. BlixOS runs inside its own Virtual Machine so there’s no need to restart your system to run it. Not every computer has the perfect configuration and some people are still use Pentium 4 machines. Windows XP, Vista and 7 often have problems working on systems that cannot match the minimum requirements. However, with BlixOS, you can experience the performance you've dreamed of. BlixOS is divided in to 3 versions - Home, Professional and Ultimate. BlixOS Home is an operating environment, not an OS.”

When you develop something as brilliant as a platform-independent operating system, the most important thing is to market it well. Suyash and his friend have started their very own company. He says, “We have started our own company – Blix Corporation, and taken a license. Since its launch, I’ve received requests from numerous people, even my school friends, who want to join Blix and help us.”

Suyash and his friends have successfully set up their very own company (Blix Corporation) and have their website and Facebook page up and running, via which they interact with those who are interested in the operating system as well as those who would like to help them in future endeavors.

About Blixos Desktop and Professional
BlixOS Professional is a second-edition version of BlixOS, which is built on top of a modified LYNHOST kernel. The kernel has been named ‘Hybird’ due to its fast processing speed. BlixOS provides an intuitive user-interface, which is very easy to understand and use.

What's New With The Blixos Desktop?
New features on the BlixOS desktop make it easier to organize and manage multiple windows. You can switch easily between open windows so that you can focus on important programs and files. Other new features help you add a personal touch to your

The operating system allows you to display gadgets on your desktop and use the ‘peek’ features to temporarily view your desktop gadgets without minimizing or closing the windows you’re working on.

Desktop background
Your desktop background doesn't have to be a single image anymore. With BlixOS, you can display a slide show of pictures instead. You can create your own slide show from your personal collection of pictures.

Thumbnail preview
Upon opening multiple windows on the desktop, you may find it challenging to view separate windows and switch between them. You can use the ‘peek’ feature to take a quick look at other open windows without clicking away from the window you are currently working on. Peek makes it easy for you to preview the contents of open windows and switch to the one you want. When you point to a taskbar button, you'll see a thumbnail-sized preview of the window, whether the content of the window is a document, a photo, or even a running video.

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