Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indian call centers are cheating us,uk,australian users by scam software

Well being a technical person means you get to see so many different sides of people,but recently what I have seen entirely blew my mind and I am feeling seriously ashamed of myself.

I have joined this new small call center as a technical person,the process going on there is basically randomly calling and australian people and tell them that we like to perform a free scan using a software for free and naturally most of the time the customers  agree and let the control of their computers to us,the technical people and we start our magic.That would be kind of unprofessional for me to tell you but you know what, I am going to,we use a software that is scam and shows the users there are 32390(approx) errors and infections etc etc are on their computers and certainly the users got afraid and then the agents ask them to buy our original software solutions and then they are asked to fill up a form and get a subscription from our call center for 1 year(costs $149),2 year(I forgot the actual but it was around $250) and for 3 years($349).The trusting users blindly buys  most of the times without even knowing when they are filling the subscriptions forms and putting their highly important information like the credit card number or visa card number when we are all seeing their each step,now I am not saying we are using this number to use it illegally but if someone wants to it will be just a piece of cake for him or her.As we promise to service their computers then what we basically do is use some free but effective softwares like malwarebytes or ccleaner or something like that which the users can download from internet without spending nothing.

I have spent 3 fu***** day in this call center and finally just had it although the job was really easy for me,so am I being a fruitcake here cause so many people are doing it and earning a handsome income.Just thought of a  particular incident one morning an agent came to us and told us a customer who bought a subscription from us and after we have performed service(huh who am I kidding) some company has scanned his computer with their software find the exact number of errors that we found earlier,huh that’s a funny one.

For me it was enough when I had to talk to one of the australian customer,he seemed just too polite and I was furious on myself for lying to him after he paid the money.So bottom line for me I have to find a decent job again oh and for the us uk and australian people do not do not do not believe any person who want to take control of your computer remotely.

Spread this message among the us,uk and australian people as much as you can to save some of our reputation(I don’t know if we have any).

Is Mr Obama listening?

Sourav Bhattacharya

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