Saturday, September 18, 2010

Basic Rip Version 2 Configuration

Suppose a router is directly connected to networks and

To configure Rip on this router

From Global Config Mode


router rip 

version 2



no auto-summary(this is to tell the router to publish the network not with say class c default subnet mask,rather the subnet mask specified by the administrator)


Then from privileged mode

sh ip route(if any other routers are configured rip and send different network info we will see it here)

The result structure of sh ip route will be (if updates came from another rip configured router)

The administrative distance of RIP is 120(administrative distance is the reliability of a protocol and in case of a better protocol  it will be less for example for OSPF it will be 110 and for static routing it will be 1) and it will be specied as 120/x where x is the hop count

from exec mode 


sh ip protocols

To see what protocols are running(in here it will be Rip)

To see the Rip updates in real time

debug ip rip

To disable debugging 


no debug ip rip


u all

Courtesy to Jeremy Cioara

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